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USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

One of the most common data storing devices upon which we lose data is the USB flash drive. There are multiple types of USB flash drives and consumers use millions of them every year. Unfortunately, when they break or show signs of data corruption, many people - including many experts - throw them away assuming that the vital data they had there is gone forever. If only they had turned to eProvided! eProvided USB drive data recovery professionals could have salvaged the data.

Even Flash Drive Data Retrieval is no match for us. In fact, more often than not, eProvided can even fix the damaged USB drive after your data is extracted. USB data salvage is amongst the most common data recovery task eProvided performs for our clients.

Common USB Loss Situations:

  • Broken tip off USB flash drive
  • "Unknown Device" appearing "out of the blue"
  • Loss of functionality
  • Inserting device into wrong slot

Types of USB Recovery

Our USB data recovery team can retrieve any information from any type of USB flash drive. It doesnít matter what type of USB flash drive youíre using, we can find your data. This includes everything from regular USB flash drive recovery, USB thumb drives, jump drives, pen drives, or just plain old memory sticks and everything in between. The USB drive is one of the most commonly used memory devices in the world. Itís the perfect way to stockpile our important data, not to mention that it is the perfect size physically to store, hide, or carry around when we need to do so. There are just so many things that can happen to them that puts our information in jeopardy.

Reasons for Needing USB Recovery Services

  • USB Flash and thumb drive data recovery services, recover any flash-based storage device
  • Broken USB plug, damage port from dog bites, bumped, kicked, and broken USB drives
  • Forgotten, lost password (encrypted - password protected drive or locked USB memory device)
  • Deleted/Formatted file recovery on your USB flash data device
  • Severed connections, run-over, dropped, bent USB port, flash drive damage
  • Virus damage, hacked, corrupted, and damaged USB connector
  • Lost data: heat, cold, moisture causing USB flash memory data loss
  • Repairing lost USB connectivity problems. Fixing damaged USB thumb drives
  • Fix fire damage, water, salt water, shock to USB storage device
  • Improperly non-ejecting powered flash memory storage, power surges and outages on USB device

USB Drive Repairs

Even if you break your USB device and just want it repaired without extracting the data, eProvided's USB recovery service is on the job. They can have your USB device repaired and back to you with little delay. If you are pressed for time and need the information quickly, eProvided can provide a quick turnaround upon receipt of the device. From bent prongs to ports to advanced circuit repair, eProvided has you covered.

eProvided USB Drive Solutions Team

If you have a USB Drive that needs to be fixed or you are in a real hurry and need the data from the drive, the eProvided flash memory retrieval team is your answer. Give us a call at 1-866-857-5950.