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Let the pros help you deal with lost data & files. (We recover from any devices)
eProvided recovers ALL types of SD flash memory cards and the new SDHC memory cards. Recovering damaged media files and data on the card type above. We can recover lost images/data, formatted, cards no longer recognized, damaged, corrupted images/data, overwritten images/data, deleted images/data or any damage or issue you can think of. If you had data there before and you can not retrieve this data we can in over 97% of the cases we receive. Avoid using software, it might damage your data, use our full service recovery for the same price.

Questions and Answers Related to SD Recovery.
Card Recovery Services Turnaround Time Turnaround time is 1-3 days or less once shipment has been received. eProvided is in Business ten years.
Recover All Data Providing SD recovery services for lost photos on Secure Digital cards which have lost data or overwritten data.
Shipping In Photo Cards to eProvided Our SD card rush service is always available (see the SD Recovery Submission Form for instructions).
eProvided Prices We only charge recovery fees for SD drives if we recover what you do not already have and need.
Charges Per Device Volume We charge recovery fees based on SD card size, GB or MB . Our SD card cost page.
Recover Files From Any SD Device We can recover from devices no longer recognized due to data loss and image loss.
eProvided.Com Service Type We can perform NAND microchip replacements, circuit advanced replacements and major fixes on any internal file damages.
Advanced Card Recovery Service We can perform cutting edge advanced NAND Data Recovery; we directly access NAND memory chips to recover lost photos and lost images.

Recover Files on Severely Damages SD Cards with Direct NAND Flash Recovery

eProvided handles digital image recovery on SD cards, data recovery, microchip repair, USB recovery, circuit replacements, USB disk repair, chip replacement & other advanced data recovery techniques for all specialized data recovery & digital image recovery problems.

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