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As the flash memory market continues to grow at exponential rates, MicroSD cards, SD Cards, microSDHC, Monolith Devices, and Flash Cards have become primary storage devices in most all consumer homes. If these drives become broken, eProvided is your one stop solution.

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We have the ability to expose the interior circuitry of a MicroSD and perform a data bypass using a Pinout strategy. Most data recovery companies will tell you that a MicroSD card is not recoverable when it’s no longer recognized by your computer or cellphone. If you need microSD card recovery, we are your solution. eProvided has developed cutting edge MicroSD data recovery technology that allows us to connect directly into the heart of the MicroSD flash memory storage drives and pull data out directly through the microscopic “veins” of any MicroSD device!

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Some data recovery companies might say, “once a device is unable to recognize your MicroSD card, recovery is not possible“. We know that is NOT TRUE. For years, eProvided has developed cutting edge technology to perform pinouts on any MicroSD cards. Whatever the damage, we can help. This leads us to a successful recovery 98% of the time. We recover standard SD cards or micro SD cards. This procedure ties into cracked microSD card circuits and extracts the hexadecimal code. In doing this, damaged data can be reconstructed back into files.

MicroSD Card Recovery Company Services

eProvided acts as the main lab (behind the scenes) to many file retrieval companies.eProvided Engineering Lab

Don’t be fooled in thinking you can’t get your files recovered. You wont find a more advanced approach. Micro SD data recovery services are just a click away. Click the orange button at top right of this page to begin.

Monolith & microSD Cards with or Without Cracks

Many USB Sticks (Thumb drives), and SD Cards are what we call “Monolith” devices. Monolith devices do not use NAND chip(s) to store memory, instead, they have a layer of all-in-one, self-contained circuitry that stores and processes information. The cutting edge technology that we have developed for MicroSD cards can also be used on Monolith devices.

microSD Pinout for Data Recovery

microSD Pinout for Data Recovery

Micro SD recovery service is handled right here at eProvided. Monolithic devices, even microSD cards that are cracked ARE recoverable!

MicroSD & MicroSDXC Flash Cards

Most commonly used inside of cell phones, tablets, and various other consumer storage devices. MicroSDXC & MicroSDHC cards come in many shapes and sizes. SDXC (now with 128GB and larger capacities) allows 16 memory die to be stacked upright and every layer of a Micro SD is thinner than a piece of paper. Micro SD devices will fail. This is precisely where eProvided saves the day.

eProvided has been recovering data from any type flash storage for over 15 years. Successful file recovery scenarios include, “corrupt data” to “my dog chewed it up”, “device not recognized” and all the rest. Don’t let other microSD data recovery companies tell you your data is unrecoverable! Send it to eProvided, we’ll surprise you.