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Today’s digital cameras are state of the art. There’s so many features to capture high quality digital images. Professional photographers and regular vacation goers are in control. Every year, the number of pictures that we take and archive grows. Unfortunately, the digital cameras themselves are getting more confusing as image technology becomes more complicated. It’s easy to discover your images have been corrupted, damaged or deleted. Many accidentally delete or format over images and the digital photos cannot be retrieved by anyone but Albert Einstein himself.

If you have not used a camera in a few years, you’ll be surprised by how far Digital SLR camera’s have come. Most cameras use an SD Memory card (SD stands for Secure Digital). SD cards SDHC, SDXC and CF cards (CompactFlash) are most popular. All these memory cards can be used in smart phones and other storage devices. There are many reasons images stored in an SD Card could become corrupt, lost or damaged.

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Are Your Photos Missing ?

We recently developed a new process of SD card data salvage technology that we simply call Image Recover. This service restores lost photos and damaged digital image files. It’s inexpensive and a quick way to preserve precious memories. Image Recover is advanced, it takes any digital film card from any manufacturer and recovers all the lost digital images and data.

Why do CompactFlash or microSD Cards Fail ?

  • Digital Images are corrupted. Problems & damage are caused by prolonged exposure to sun or water.
  • Damages caused by exposure to extreme cold or moisture. Water damage is common on digital image cards.
  • Operating a camera on low battery. Photos are missing due to low power problems on camera cards.
  • Damage caused by data recovery software. Using data recovery software improperly.
  • Not reading your camera manual. Misinterpreting proper digital camera usage as an owner.

eProvided’s digital image recovery service will help. If the image data is still present on the SD card or other image storage device, then eProvided will find it and all of your lost, wrongfully formatted, or deleted digital image files using the Digital Photo Recovery Service. This digital image recovery service by eProvided is fast and affordable.

There are many common names that storage cards go by, here they are: Compact Flash, Memory Stick, Secure Digital Card, MicroSD, USB Flash Disk, USB Drive, Flash Drive, USB Pen Drive, Secure Digital Card, Flash Card, SD (Sandisk) SDSC, SDHC, SDXC, Scandisk, SanDisk Ultra, Memory Stick Micro, and the Memory Stick Pro Duo Card (Memory Stick Duo) to name a few.

Common Questions and Answers about Digital Image Recovery

Question: Once eProvided has recovered my Digital Images, will I be able to use my storage device again?
Answer: Do not format your camera’s flash card if you have images you feel are still stored in the memory, you will lose them permanently. If data loss was from a delete function and nothing is physically damaged, your storage device can be used again.

Question: What sets eProvided apart from other Digital Image Recovery Services?
Answer: Data recovery by eProvided is dedicated to recovering flash memory cards or ANY storage device for digital photography or file storage mishaps. We stay informed of the latest digital cameras, camcorders, USB flash media, and other digital devices using flash memory cards. eProvided digital recovery has the latest tools for data recovery or image recovery services.

Question: Is Digital Photo Recovery Service expensive?
Answer: We have developed a new process, which is explained below. eProvided always finds ways to make our services affordable. eProvided is always below our competitor’s prices while offering better service and achieving results our competition can not. Check this link for pricing. New Technology Image Recover Is Affordable.


A few reasons eProvided (Full service human data recovery) is much safer than damaging digital image recovery software.

  1. People use image recovery software and save the files incorrectly making matters worse.
  2. People find photo recovery software doesn’t work. They call us for full service recovery and discover we do retrieve all images lost on their media.
  3. We are better prepared. eProvided has special combinations of engineering and stationary hardware including over 200 proprietary tools. We recover data right the first time.
  4. We are able to repair damaged, broken & malfunctioning microchips (NAND) getting around issues that arise from faulty circuits or broken circuit boards. We work with any type of storage device. It’s more cost effective & there is no need to download digital image recovery software. In the end digital photo recovery software avoidance costs less.
  5. We know about flash media and storage device manufacturers issues that arise with all storage media types. We’re able to navigate around these problems, recovering your images & data.
  6. We directly replace and repair parts & circuits at board level on any device. We get the data recovered, period. Digital image recovery software does nothing more then waste precious time and money. Digital photo recovery software should be avoided when possible to avoid further data loss.
  7. We’re able to use engineering and hardware that connects directly to the device, NAND wafer or media circuits to allow for a better opportunity to recover lost images and data. Don’t attempt this alone, use eProvided. CLICK HERE to begin Service!