How to Recover Data from Broken, Damaged Smartphones?

When you have a Smartphone and suffer certain types of damage and loss of data, files, photos, etc. eProvided can assist with getting the important stuff you need back.

Broken, Damaged Smartphones Have These Common Issues

I can’t turn on my smartphone.
When this type of problem arises, you are unable to get access of any kind to any of your files. eProvided can bypass the internal circuits and remove the data you need and deliver this data to you. You might have a cracked screen, your phone might have been dropped. You might have a smartphone that has been overheated, has been purposely smashed, thrown or has been in some high g-force type of accident.

My smartphone has suffered from water damage.
It is very important that you keep the phone in the same type of water that originally caused the damage (saltwater damage or freshwater). If you dropped your cellphone in salt water, get a rugged plastic bag and keep the phone in the same water and ship the device to use to prevent drying the internal components. If the internal components dry the oxidation will cause much more damage, so keep it wet.

My phone has unknown data loss problem.
If you have lost your contacts file, maybe all of your text messages, your voice recordings, photos or files, eProvided can help you retrieve your data. There may be applications that you need back or data files that are associated with certain type of apps you find important. If you lost these files eProvided can work to recover all of these documents for you.

My smartphone has been compromised and corrupted.
Sometimes your damaged phone that stores your important files stops being recognized. Your phone may also store data on a microSD card. Either way, if you have suffered from lost or damaged data eProvided can help you discover and diagnose what happened. Believe it or not some of the most common cases we see at eProvided involve compromised or purposely damaged smartphones.

eProvide has a data recovery solution for any type of smartphone damage, whether or not you can turn them on. Call us or click the button below and we can help you make the best decision to more forward with your data loss situation.