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At eProvided, we are focused specifically on retrieval and repair. Since we are so efficient at recovering data, files, images, and just about anything else from any storage device, it seems only fitting that we also excel in laptop and computer repair. Today’s world revolves around our computers. Starting in the classroom where our children first learn to use them, to our careers where we adapt to utilizing them to succeed and excel in our chosen professions. The computer makes the world small enough so that we can enjoy friends, family, and business at the touch of a button.

If your laptop or desktop is not working or hard drive is failing, making funny sounds, give us a call.

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eProvided does local computer repair in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Our experience is more than 20 years in both the home user and High Technology Businesses. Contact us directly by telephone 1-866-857-5950.

Computer, Laptop Repair

eProvided also Excels in:

  • Android and iPhone File Recovery and Cellphone microSD Data Recovery.
  • Computer Emergency Recovery and Repair.
  • Computer Virus Damage Repair & Consultation as well as Spyware Removal.
  • PC, Laptop Recovery and Repair.
  • Home Networking| Wireless Home Networking | Office Networking.
  • Forensic Data Recovery.